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Messages from the Vox Dei Community gatherings. Vox Dei Community is a Christian church in the south Kansas City area. Belton, Raymore, Grandview, Peculiar, Lee's Summit, Leawood. Visit VoxDeiCommunity.com

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The seven words from the cross.

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Speaker: Levi Rennick --- In the garden, Jesus prays under duress.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The longest prayer of Jesus holds on to us.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Choosing between centered and self-centered.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus expresses gratitude in the midst of painful relationships.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The Lord's Prayer.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Keeping company with Jesus as he prays.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A king returns to discover who has been faithful.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Two ways of seeing the world that lead to two kinds of life.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Easter Sunday and the meaning of resurrection.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The silence of God and not losing heart.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Patient Lazarus and the need for rethinking.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A fired employee risks it all.

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Speaker: Levi Rennick --- The most famous parable of Jesus.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus goes to lunch with some religious people.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Grace as a response to opponents.

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Speaker: Levi Rennick --- The style of instruction Jesus used.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Greed growing where abundance is unacknowledged.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A friend of souls to give us as much as we need.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The first conversations on the Samaritan road.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Another way of talking for everyday ordinary in-between spaces.

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