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Messages from the Vox Dei Community gatherings. Vox Dei Community is a Christian church in the south Kansas City area. Belton, Raymore, Grandview, Peculiar, Lee's Summit, Leawood. Visit VoxDeiCommunity.com

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A dark and dangerous tale about God's great gift.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith ---What it takes to receive God's deliverance versus what makes sense.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Non-complementary behavior of God toward God's enemies and ours.

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Speaker: Derrick Cook --- The evidence and purpose of God's love.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Isaiah presents a vision of a future that demands action that can lead to that future.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Belonging in the church as counter-cultural, hyper-local, covenantal, and essential.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A soldier monk discovers the life of God's presence in daily work.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Lesslie Newbigin returns the church to its missionary nature.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The apostle to Germany models godly confrontation.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- What we make erupts from a deep part of us.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The hum of the household tunes hearts to God's grace.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- How Christian worship characterizes us in surprising ways.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Christian worship as a counter liturgy that re-habituates our desires.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Our repeated actions, rituals, and behaviors orient our desires.

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Speaker: Brent Heid - Jesus is the bread that came down from heaven.

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Speaker: Cole McGee --- (Guest speaker from Redemption Church) Jesus exposes our anxiety with the question, "Why are you searching for me?"

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- How can we know what we really want?

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus comes to drive a wedge between our lived life and what drives us into our lived life.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Finding others who need what we need keeps the message alive in us.

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Speaker: Mike Hathcock --- Welcoming others into the good news.

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Speaker: Jonathan Klee - Vox ministry partner leader sharing reflections from sabbatical.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The mediation in blood of the relationship of God and humanity.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The good news for those without solutions.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The good news of the possibility of movement from bondage to liberation.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The good news movement from chaos to shalom in the Creation narrative.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Introductory remarks about dedication and baptism at Vox.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Relocating the good news in its original powerful narrative frameworks.

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Speaker: Peggy Heid --- Rightly regarding eternity, an investigation into the Bible's clues about heaven.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- An invitation to start, and stop, tithing.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Signs, works, and wonders in the imagination of the Apostle John.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Is it ever OK to use violence? What about self-defense?

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The person you are called to be, the people you are called to belong to, the tasks you are called to do.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Does God have a will and can I know it?

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Prayer, God's nature, and our place in creating the future.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- How can the Bible have authority to command our behavior today?

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- How can the idea of hell fit with the idea of a loving God, Jesus, and modern sensibilities?

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The necessity of the terra incognita of the resurrection.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Observations about the inherent sense of God in the human experience.

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Speaker: Jon Bowles --- The example of Job and practices toward believing in a God who is other.

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Speaker: Craig Babb --- Joshua as an example of contemplative prayer.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The mystical tradition and John of the Cross as guides on the path to the cross through the dark nights.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The temptation to avoid, resist, or ignore the hard parts of the good journey.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Our dreams and distractions that keep us from an awareness of God.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A history and meaning of the practice of Ash Wednesday and Lent at Vox.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- What is practical, sensible, knowable keeping us from the experience of God.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith - Self-obsession that keeps us from experiencing the reality of God.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The Christian call to be awake to God.

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