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Messages from the Vox Dei Community gatherings. Vox Dei Community is a Christian church in the south Kansas City area. Belton, Raymore, Grandview, Peculiar, Lee's Summit, Leawood. Visit VoxDeiCommunity.com

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Advent 4: Welcoming the other into the same and the visitation of Christ.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Advent 3: Giving and Forgiving in the reckless way of God.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Advent 2: Justice calls for our incomplete response.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Advent 1: True Events are ongoing, vocative, and impossible.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Part 7 of 7: The Prophet of the Exile describes the way of return to God.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Part 6 of 7: Isaiah and the experience of 'the holy' that leads to committed participation.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Part 5 of 7: Elijah reforms the community with prophetic worship, and finds provision from God.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Part 4 of 7: David and prayer toward an integrated life.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Part 3 of 7: Moses and names, stories, and signposts.

*Audio from this teaching is not available.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Part 2 of 7: Abraham and the Way of Faith

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Part 1 of 7: Remembering the figures and tales that give shape to who we are.

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