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Messages from the Vox Dei Community gatherings. Vox Dei Community is a Christian church in the south Kansas City area. Belton, Raymore, Grandview, Peculiar, Lee's Summit, Leawood. Visit VoxDeiCommunity.com

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A prophetic vision of the peacable world to come.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Messy church and the hope of love.

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Speaker: Jon Bowles --- Anticipating a world to come.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The necessary context for real transformation.

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Speaker: Levi Rennick --- Learning how to express thanks.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- God is a great lover of ragamuffins.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- God comes alongside our desires to lead us forward.

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Rustin Smith --- Getting to know the Jesus Way by discerning the way of celebrity.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Getting to know the Jesus Way by discerning the way of religion.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Getting to know the Jesus Way by discerning the way of power.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Risk and hurt in a world that is a perfectly safe place to be.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Last urgent words to a beloved church.

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Speaker: Pip Whitney --- Songs we sing and the truth we tell.

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Speaker: Joy Klee - Working out the vision of Ephesians in real life.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Our primary relationship that gives context to everything else.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Two ways of getting things done and making things happen in the church.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Morality is not maturity.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Maturity as slow and sure, and utterly real, mountain step-plod and ascent.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The personal, communal, deep language of reality.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The place personal commitment in a larger world.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The strenuous work of peace.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The invisible and unlikely substance that fuels us.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Paul's prayer for the church to see where it already is.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A description of a map of a larger reality.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Our walking and God's calling.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- An introduction to the letter to the Ephesians. 

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Pronouncing the certainty of shalom in a meaningless age.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Embodying the integrity of creation in an exploitative age.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Embracing the priority of neighbor in a violent age.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Affirming the dignity of selves in a dehumanizing age.

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Speaker: Pip Whitney --- Insisting on the reality of death in a technological age.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Proclaiming the presence of God in a secular age.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The church as a spot for the accidentally blind.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The challenge of Easter sermons and getting to the point.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Palm Sunday: The medium is the message. Style is substance. We become what we behold.

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Speaker: Joy Klee - Living with differences.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Relational problems in the church.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The church and personal callings as echo work.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Who really has say-so?

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The relationship between restraint, truth, and real freedom.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Attention, imagination, and longing.

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Speaker: Levi Rennick --- The human pursuit of confident knowing.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The transcendent that Christianity makes accessible.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The search to belong in relationships.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The missing frequencies that leave us longing to make things right.

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Speaker:  Rustin Smith --- A pastoral reflection on the season and events of the week.

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Speakers: Rustin Smith, Jon Bowles --- The finale of four things to remember as we begin again.