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Messages from the Vox Dei Community gatherings. Vox Dei Community is a Christian church in the south Kansas City area. Belton, Raymore, Grandview, Peculiar, Lee's Summit, Leawood. Visit VoxDeiCommunity.com

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Easter Sunday: What we believe is what we see is what we are is what we do.

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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Lent 6: Despair is the location of God's being.

* Apologies for poor audio quality.

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Speaker: Jon Bowles --- Lent 5: Neighbors are replaced by institutions, leaving us craving community but resisting what commuity requires.

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Speaker: Tisha Gillespie --- Lent 4:  Work & love, consumption & intimacy, and the thin idenities we form in our bodies.

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