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Messages from the Vox Dei Community gatherings. Vox Dei Community is a Christian church in the south Kansas City area. Belton, Raymore, Grandview, Peculiar, Lee's Summit, Leawood. Visit VoxDeiCommunity.com
Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus invites us to consider which world is truer.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The ingredients of comedy and the highest, holiest joke of them all.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Feeling, speaking and embodying the truth.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus for Pilate holds out silence like a terrible gift.
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Speaker: Dawn Heckert --- A career change for Nehemiah helps us reimagine family ministry.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus tells a parable about a king returning home to judge his subjects.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus calls Zacchaeus down from a tree and reminds us what is at stake on Halloween.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus calls for personal accountability through a straightforward question.
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Speaker: Kyle Gillespie --- Jesus asks a good man to let go of his attachment to wealth.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus receives children and calls adults into attentiveness to Gods activity.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus uses a parable to invite people into a community that is defined by its center rather than its boundaries.

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus tells a parable about an unjust judge and a tenacious widow to teach his disciples about God, prayer, and trust.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus describes a future that requires a response beyond optimism or pessimism.

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus praises an outsider who seizes a moment to show gratitude.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus gives his followers three baseline duties and an ironic warning about entitlement.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Freeing our hope for the future and the sober signposts of Jesus from our cultural imagination of Hell.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Four Vox students share their experiences at a camp for terminally ill children.   Rustin introduces a Fall initiative by helping us locate ourselves inside four postures.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith, Kelly Foster, Maya Needham --- Special guest Kelly Foster reads two essays, Maya Needham covers Patti Griffin in this first encounter with "The Rich Man and Lazarus."
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- An exposed fraud is redeemed by a bold act of trust in mercy.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The lost sheep, coin, and son. Jesus tells three parables about things that are lost and the people who search for them.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith & David Clark --- David lays out four spaces we create for ministry with students and children.

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The compassionate Jesus invites his hearers to make every effort.

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- What seems insignificant eventually permeates and proves to be the most real world.

Speaker: Kyle Gillespie --- Training better, not trying harder, is the pathway toward getting the point.

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus subverts the simplistic categories of his day by inviting hearers into a larger story.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The apprentices of Jesus are to be a non-anxious presence and collecting point of wisdom in the midst of an anxious culture.

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus invites us into a posture of readiness by aligning our resources with Gods activity.

Speaker: Tisha Gillespie --- Jesus calls us to freedom from anxiety and greed through an attitude that trusts Gods provision.

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus warns about the nature of life and the abundance of possessions.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Easter Sunday: Imagination makes room for belief in resurrection and participation in Gods mission.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Palm Sunday: The Medium is the Message, Style is Substance, We Become What We Behold.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus encourages his friends to recognize what is of ultimate importance.
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Art by Simon Smith, Music by Explosions in the Sky
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Speaker: David Clark --- Jesus pronounces woes on the religious insiders that provoke self-examination for all people.

Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus warns his hearers to embrace the light, by practicing congruence and by extending hospitality toward God and others.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus is challenged about his source of power; people are freed so they may host God.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus reveals the Father while teaching the disciples about prayer.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- This is the Ash Wednesday service for Vox Dei Community.
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Speaker: Shayne Wessel --- Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray, and about the Father.
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Speaker: Kyle Gillespie --- A look at some major themes of Luke that come together in the story of Mary and Martha.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- A religious scholar sets a trap for Jesus who responds with a story about a compassionate Samaritan.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- The disciples return from the mission with joy, and we learn more about what Jesus faces, what Jesus thinks about himself and his followers.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus evokes fire and brimstone for the great sin that leads to destruction.
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Speaker: Rustin Smith --- Jesus sends out workers with his message.
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